Street Photography (photo walk)

photo walk

I really love my photography class even though I don’t have a DSLR camera; we still have the opportunity to learn more about different aspects in photography. And we have the most patient and dedicated instructor, Direct Dominic Meily known as a street photographer and artist. We also have teachers that expert in the field of photojournalism who shared their knowledge on the field like Mr. Francis Malasig a photojournalist from European Press Association and lot more. I have learned the landscape photography, still photography, portrait photography; street photography and I learned the differences among them. Our teacher also taught us the types of lenses, cameras, types of shots and angles and everything that is related to photography. All this things were just a preparation for our long waited photo walk as one of the requirements to finish the course.

At first I thought I can’t join my class on our photo walk at Intramuros. I’ve never been in that place before. I don’t even know how to get there. But on the date of this event I still managed to join them.

I took the opportunity to roam around the place and took many pictures but again we must look for the photo elements on each picture. I used my mobile phone while waiting for my turn to use the Photoville member’s camera that was assigned to us. I’ve enjoy that event even if its rain and shine.

I am very much thankful that we have this kind of activity that we can apply what we have learned in the classroom.

photo walkIt was taken while we are waiting for the other students





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