UNTV receives Gandingan Award


UNTV and UNTV Radio La Verdad received another award from Gandingan 2013 Isko’t Iska’s Broadcast Choice Awards ng University of the Philippines (UP) Community Broadcasting Society ng Los Baños, Laguna.

Through voting, the Gandingan chooses their winners on each category.  It is said that the Gandingan Awards is the first award-giving body in the field of broadcasting in the entire UP System. Wherein it challenges broadcast practitioners to improve their programs to contribute to the country’s development. Since 2007, various broadcasters and other media personalities have graced the awarding ceremony.

It is said that this award-giving body were inspired by Gandingan, a series of gong-like instruments used by teenagers in Maguindanao as a form of communication. Gandingan is hosted by the UP Community Broadcasters Society of the University of the Philippines Los Banos.

For the second time, the Bread ‘N Butter program of UNTV was awarded as the “Best Livelihood-Oriented Program” Gandingan ng Kabuhayan Award.  This program were inspiring and encouraging their audience to become creative and productive individuals also this program were supporting events that promote nation-building causes.

On the other hand, for the first time of joining the contest UNTV-Radio La Verdad 1350 receives the award “Most Development-Oriented Radio Plug.” For their public service plug “bloodletting”.


International Thanksgiving of Church of God



The Church if God International celebrated their 3rd Quarter International Thanksgiving last Sept. 27- 29, 2013 around the globe. It’s a three days celebration as their custom in return for God’s blessings, guidance and good health bestow upon them. As one of their scholars I joined them in this great celebration. It’s one way for me to thank God for the blessings I had received from Him.

I am not one of their members because I belong to other church. But one thing that I am very much thankful  it’s not affecting our relationships with each other. I feel like I do belong  to their group. And I choose to celebrate at La Verdad Christian College, Caloocan instead of going to Apalit. In my mind I am still planning to go home after the last topic for the day unlike if I am in Apalit it is quite far from home and also I like to help the administrators.

During the first day of the celebration, I enjoyed the topic that Bro.Eli and Bro. Daniel had discussed. There were lots of people who also joined us to celebrate at LVCC especially the elderly people, pregnant women, and those brethren who have kids. The service for children was different with the adults, and they call it KNC short for Kawan Ng Cordero. We are only few La Verdarians who stayed there, and because of that we help in maintaining the cleanliness of the venue and we are assisting the elderly. After lunch during the first day, we help at the kitchen in wrapping the lumpia, peeling vegetables and spices we also help to chop it. That was a nice experience.

And on the second day we did the same thing. And it is more exciting, we sell the Ginataang Halo-halo to the brethren. And they like it, they keep asking for more. Aside from helping in the kitchen to wrap the vegetable lumpia, I also help the cooking it.

On the third and final day of the thanksgiving, same routine happened. And we always get free food because of helping in the kitchen. Even I help them I feel that I am their visitor, as what Bro. Eli and Kuya Daniel was always saying that they must attend  the needs of their visitors especially food.

This was the best thanksgiving ever in my entire stay here at La Verdad. The venue was air-conditioned so I my skin asthma didn’t attack. And I didn’t get sick. I remember my last thanksgivings in Apalit I got cold or cough or worst fever. It is maybe because it is so hot during the day and it is raining in the afternoon. One more thing that I consider, there are lots of people from different places gathered there to celebrate. But in Caloocan our only problem was when it’s raining ,it has a water falls inside the building. We help the brethren in drying their sleeping place. Aside from thanksgiving I feel that I am blessed because I have take part in this celebration in my simple ways.

Street Photography (photo walk)

photo walk

I really love my photography class even though I don’t have a DSLR camera; we still have the opportunity to learn more about different aspects in photography. And we have the most patient and dedicated instructor, Direct Dominic Meily known as a street photographer and artist. We also have teachers that expert in the field of photojournalism who shared their knowledge on the field like Mr. Francis Malasig a photojournalist from European Press Association and lot more. I have learned the landscape photography, still photography, portrait photography; street photography and I learned the differences among them. Our teacher also taught us the types of lenses, cameras, types of shots and angles and everything that is related to photography. All this things were just a preparation for our long waited photo walk as one of the requirements to finish the course.

At first I thought I can’t join my class on our photo walk at Intramuros. I’ve never been in that place before. I don’t even know how to get there. But on the date of this event I still managed to join them.

I took the opportunity to roam around the place and took many pictures but again we must look for the photo elements on each picture. I used my mobile phone while waiting for my turn to use the Photoville member’s camera that was assigned to us. I’ve enjoy that event even if its rain and shine.

I am very much thankful that we have this kind of activity that we can apply what we have learned in the classroom.

photo walkIt was taken while we are waiting for the other students