Inspired By Hardship

Inspired by Hardship

Sir Henry

Sir Henry Yap also known as Henry Kobayashi in the martial arts world was one of the top ten Filipino martial arts hall of fame awardees. This prestigious award was given by the first International-Philippine Martial Arts Hall of Fame last April 21, 2012. And this year he was one of the top 100 Filipino martial artists.

He discovers his passion when he was ousted from their house because of his stepmother, he found himself living in the gym. The owner of the gym, Master Napoleon “Nap” Fernandez told the young males in his care that they must learn how to do the martial arts. Master Nap teaches them how to play yaw-yan, the Filipino form of martial arts. The traditional yaw-yan was the art for striking, buno was the Filipino style for wrestling; dumog on the other hand was the Filipino style for grappling. Sir Henry Kobayashi combines these three forms into one art called the Hybrid Yaw-Yan.

Because of his dedication and passion to share the arts that he learned, last 2007 he establish the Hybrid Yaw-Yan Mixed Martial Arts Training Center. It is the first professional mixed martial art gym in the Philippines accredited by the Games and Amusement Board. This agency was  one that releasing licenses to the players like Pacquiao, Donaire and a lot more. If there is another gym that will going to apply for MMA license the board will base their standards at Hybrid Yaw-Yan Mixed Martial Art Training Center.

Sir Kobayashi was behind the success of many professional players in mixed martial arts. He trained those players to be champions. He  formulated a counter attack for every form of martial arts in the arena. According to him “you cannot overcome your opponent if you know only one form of art”. That’s why he studied all the forms of martial arts from standing to grappling and combines it.

After all the hardship and struggles in life, he overcomes it with faith and prayers to God. Even though his former colleague left him for better offer in the foreign arts, he was still determined to teach the Filipino form of martial art and continue the goal of Yaw-Yan. And because of that, Hybrid Yaw-Yan does not only join the local competitions but also the arena abroad.

Nicholas Mann a Hybrid Yaw-Yan player was the current middle weight champion at the International Kickboxing Federation in Australia. Also the fastest knock out holder at the Amateur MMA event was a player of Hybrid Yaw-Yan. Earl “the Beast” Uy was still undefeated with the 6 seconds knock out. Carl ‘the Virus” Sabeñiano has the most technical grappler award at the first Rollapalooza grappling championship held at Ateneo de Manila last October 2008. On June of 2007 he was the URCC (University Reality Combat Challenge) light weight champion. And last March 2009 he was the light weight champion of the World Oriental Sports.

Vicente Pajaro was the Former heavy weight champion of the URCC and he was also the representative of Hybrid Yaw-Yan for the professional mixed martial arts event in Hong Kong. He was the co-main event fighter and it was a legend fighting championship. Joseph Obligacion and Jonas Paguirigan was the gold medalist at the first free style wrestling championship last April 2007 at Parañaque City. All of them was under Sir Henry Kobayashi’s supervision and trained them hardtop excel in the arena.

After all the fame he has got in the MMA world, Sir Henry was still down to earth and his advice to those aspiring to be a martial artist “they must remain humble and if they learned a new form of art just add it with the old knowledge. Don’t try to change the art just develop it to a better one”. He added “don’t look at the person, look on the art that you want to study”.

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